Our team of professional advisers and support staff will work with you to tailor a practical solution that meets your financial planning needs.

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Wealth Creation

We can assist you to develop strategies that will build and Maximise your Wealth that suit your individual tolerance of risk.

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We have the expertise to assist you in Making the most out of your Superannuation while you are working.

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Risk Protection

Insurance is about replacing a loss through Protecting your Income & Assets and we are able to assist you based on your needs

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Income In Retirement

We are able to assist you in making effective decisions to structure your super and other investments in retirement.

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Aged Care Financial Advice

Let us help you and your loved ones move to Aged Care. With our expert Aged Care Financial Advisors, you don’t have to face it alone.


Welcome to the Wealth Connexion – Financial Planner and Financial Advisors in Brisbane

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Who is Wealth Connexion?

Wealth Connexion Pty Ltd was established with the ultimate aim of providing a more personalised financial planning service to a “boutique” client base. This approach has helped us grow to become one of the leading providers of wealth management advice and financial planners in Brisbane today. Our company’s past and future growth is based primarily on personal referrals from satisfied clients who wish for their friends and colleagues the same personalised financial planning service.

Who is Infocus Securities?

Infocus has been providing financial advice for Australians from all walks of life since 1994. Starting out as a small financial advice team in Queensland, Infocus has grown to become one of Australia’s leading wealth managers, with an expanding national footprint of expertly trained Financial Advisers and support staff.

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Accredited Aged Care Professionals

We see aged care as an increasingly important consideration for clients and their families that involve unique circumstances that require a financial planning office that offers a relationship building service that is not reliant on product placement and enables our professionals advisers to be in control of creating client centric solutions. The aged care value proposition is really about:

  • Helping clients plan well ahead of time for their aged care needs
  • Helping clients to navigate through the process of moving into aged care, allowing them to age with dignity
  • Helping clients assess affordability – minimising fees or maximising entitlements can be a bonus outcome.
  • Helping clients understand what decisions need to be made and what it will take to get them into the care they need.
  • Creating family solutions.
  • Providing choices for structuring finances and estate planning.
  • Helping families make informed decisions during difficult times, and
  • Working with families to create peace of mind and a financial pathway to help transition their ageing parents with ease.

Our Aged Care Financial Advisors are experienced in providing Age Care Financial Advice, having also attained industry recognised training as Accredited Aged Care Professionals. We are able to assist clients and their families to navigate what is a difficult and confusing time by providing a pathway to enter aged care where the decisions to appropriately arrange your finances have been thoroughly considered.


We understand that not everyone that seeks our advice has an existing network of professionals to help guide them through the financial planning journey.

Our Strategic & Alliance Partners

We have selectively chosen other professionals in the areas of Accounting, Legal, Aged Care, SMSF Administration and Lending that can assist you in implementing the Financial Planning Advice we provide.

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