About Wealth Connexion

“Our objective is to provide excellent financial planning advice complemented by high service levels.”

Our Vision

What do we mean by “Financial Planning for Generations?”

To get the optimum solution for you definitely requires consideration of your broader family situation.   As such, a core part of our client value proposition is to assist other members of your family where appropriate.  In fact, if we are doing our job properly, other members of your family will in time also become our clients.

Your Children

Let us be their first port of financial call for them, we can assist them with:

  • Setting up a portable super fund when they start their first job.
  • Assist them as they go through the various stages of life e.g. savings funds for a home deposit; later borrowing to invest based on equity in house, etc.

Your Parents

Let us design an appropriate financial strategy which takes into account their stage of life, taking into account the following:

  • Their need for service if they are going to be traveling frequently
  • Strategies for a surviving partner
  • Leaving a legacy i.e. handing down assets from one generation to another, whilst still maintaining the lifestyle of the older generation. (This will require income to be received efficiently by the older generation and for growth assets to be adopted well after retirement.)  Assisting you to provide financial and aged care assistance to elderly parents

Your Will

Make sure your wishes are implemented. It is important to take into account :

  • Ensuring funds are available to repay debts in the event of your death and disablement
  • Taking care of children from previous marriages
  • Providing funds for specific purposes such as education of your grandchildren
  • Estate planning may also include preserving assets for particular individuals and/or blood relations

Fees and Charges

We are happy to meet with you AT NO CHARGE as to us this represents the cost of doing business. It also allows us to determine if we can be of benefit to your financial future. If we feel we can help you and your family we focus on building a strong foundation and to provide quality services.  Therefore our ongoing fees and charges are specifically tailored for each client.

Don’t Get Caught

Think about the points below when assessing whether to use our services, or the services of any other financial planning firms, including the banks.  Our Business is Your Business, That is why we want to ensure that you remain a loyal client and advocate of our business.

  • Our goal is to build a strong ongoing relationship with you and all of your family.
  • We Implement and continue to service our clients on a structured basis but our door is always open if you want to run something by us.
  • Our advisers do not have to achieve revenue generation targets which means they can focus on providing the most appropriate recommendations based on your situation.
  • We understand the industry is NOT perfect and there are people out there who have had bad experiences in the past.
  • At Wealth Connexion we are able to get you back on track where you may have had a less than satisfactory experience elsewhere.

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