Personal Risk Protection

Protect Yourself and Your Family

What is your Biggest Asset?

Most people think their house is their biggest asset…We Don’t!

At Wealth Connexion we think your biggest asset is your capacity to earn an income.

What would happen to you or your family if you lost your regular income? Would you have to cash in your investments, and destroy your wealth accumulation plans or worse still see the bank forcefully sell your assets because you cannot make the payments?

Investments help you create wealth, whereas risk insurance helps you and your family protect that wealth if something goes wrong. Personal risk protection provides cash in the event of death, inability to work due to sickness and/or accident, diagnosis of a potentially life threatening illness or total and permanent incapacity.

Insurance is EXPENSIVE isn’t it ?

Insurance is an area that is commonly overlooked because of price. When structured correctly risk insurance doesn’t have to be expensive, in some cases it doesn’t even have to come from your cash flow so it won’t break the bank.

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Don't be one of the many people whom now wish they had of taken out at least a minimum protection policy.

The advisers at Wealth Connexion can help you design a Risk Insurance plan that won't cost the earth.