Are you ready for retirement?

Taking control of your superannuation as early as you can could mean the difference between fulfilling your retirement dreams or watching your pennies.

The advisers at Wealth Connexion can help you design your ideal retirement.

Why should you understand super?

Superannuation is a structure that houses your retirement savings, and the best thing is that it’s a tax Effective Investment.  The Federal Government actively encourages all Australians to save for their retirement and one of the ways it does, is to provide tax concessions to money invested into your superannuation fund.

Personal superannuation offers tax effective investing into a range of selected investment funds with the aim of generating long term growth specifically designed to fully or partly fund your future retirement.

How you structure your investments whether under a self- managed super fund (SMSF), an industry fund or a retail fund can be crucial to matching your expectations to the final outcome.

Superannuation can seem confusing sometimes, can’t it?

Legislation is always changing in the area of superannuation and you need to know you can rely on someone who is in touch with all the rules and regulations.

We specialise in helping our clients with the following superannuation and retirement strategies :

  • Salary Sacrifice,
  • Government Co-Contributions,
  • Account Based Pensions,
  • Consolidation,
  • Income Splitting and Souse Contributions,
  • Transition to Retirement,
  • Risk insurance through superannuation.
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Your financial planner can help you put in place a plan that will assist you to be financially prepared for an enjoyable retirement.