Wealth Creation Strategies

Our process is simple

Wealth Creation involves carefully building a portfolio of assets, usually over a long period of time so as to achieve both capital growth and income that will ensure a continuation of a high quality lifestyle in the years beyond retirement.

We work together with you and your family to come up with a wealth creation strategy that follows a simple process consisting of the following three golden rules :

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We DO NOT recommend “Get Rich Quick Schemes”, only tested and proven medium to long term investment strategies.

We help our clients with the following wealth creation strategies :

  • Generating capital growth from the investment over the medium to long term.
  • Gaining exposure to overseas investments.
  • Saving towards a specific purpose such as buying a house, paying for a child’s education or funding an early retirement.
  • Investing tax effectively.
  • Borrowing to invest.
  • Magnifying returns through gearing.